3d Animation / Graphic Design / Multimedia / Video Production

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Madja Entertainment Inc., or simply MADJA is a Canadian multimedia company located in the Ottawa – Gatineau region. Since its beginning, Madja has been promoting diversity in Canada and Canadian heritage, through its multiple work.

Our mission is to live our artistic passion, while exceeding our public’s expectations through amazing stories and high quality end-products. We have a team of experts in the fields of Videography, 3D Animation, Photography and Graphic Design.

Over the past 4 years, Madja has been creating compelling artwork in different genres and for a wide variety of media. As a full production company, Madja is constant growing its talent and skill level, as a studio but also as artists. Throughout our evolution, we have continued to define and lead the multimedia world and created a rich tradition of high-quality projects.

With experience ranging from print collateral, web design, 3d animation and marketing, to film production, youtube series, video editing, digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application, our project list has grown to include an extensive list of multiculture and internationally recognized clients including: High government personalities, Immigration consulting Agencies, Pageant organizations, Online services Corporation, and many more.

We don’t believe in short cuts. At Madja, every successful project starts with an intensive information gathering and planning phase that pays off ten fold once it’s time to execute the end product. Better attention to these items in the beginning leads to better results for our clients.